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By-Laws Governing the Operation and Care
of the
Chapel and Cemetery

1. Raising and Endowment Fund.

    A)  Twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for each grave shall be solicited from the living relatives of those now buried in the Cemetery.
    B)  Twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for each grave site, now unused but claimed, shall be solicited from those who have reserved such sites.  In the event that such reserved grave sites are no longer wanted, or the Endowment is not paid within a time considered reasonable by the Trustees, said sites shall be open to any other eligible person upon payment of the Endowment Fund.

    C)  Revised October 2013, four hundred dollars ($400) per grave for any member of the Hill family desiring to bury in the cemetery in the future, and one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500) for any non-family member who is a member of the immediate community.

    D)  If any Hill family member or any resident of the immediate community who may request permission to bury in the Cemetery is unable to pay the four hundred dollars ($400) or the one thousand five hundred dollars ($1500), respectively, permission may be given upon any terms deemed reasonable by the Trustees.

    E)  A Certificate of Endowment must be issued for each burial plot in the new or unused part of the Cemetery showing the number of each lot.  Said Certificate shall be evidence of permission to bury when presented to the Trustees.  A Certificate of Endowment shall also be issued to the person endowing the grave of a deceased loved one.  In such case the Certificate shall carry the name of the deceased.  All such Certificates shall be signed by all three (3) Trustees.

    F)  Once contributed, no refunds, in part or in whole, shall be made on Endowment Funds.

    G)  For purposes of these By-laws, "Hill family member" or "member of the Hill Family" means any descendants of James Hill, their spouses and immediate families.  "Member of the immediate community" means persons who live within an area of an approximate one mile radius of the cemetery.